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There are many reasons to buy artisan handcrafted jewelry; with the increasing number of large and major label fashion stores being opened, fashion jewelry is becoming more and more accessible with the price point constantly being lowered.

On the opposite side, it seems that handmade jewelry is quickly gaining popularity with more and more people beginning to make and sell it.

So, the question is: with more and more affordable jewelry available, why pay the extra money for handcrafted jewelry?

Custom handmade jewelry can offer a few things to the consumer that mass produced jewelry never will be able to.

  • When you buy handcrafted artisan jewelry, no matter what the piece, you can be guaranteed that it is one of a kind. Even if the artisan has made 2 or more of the same designs, one of the beautiful things about hand-crafted merchandise is that no two are the same.
  • Artisan handcrafted jewelry often has a background to it, a meaning; something that inspired the designer to make it a certain way. When you buy a piece from custom jewelry designers, you are buying the piece and the story of the designer.
  • Custom made pieces of jewelry also make great gifts because of their uniqueness. With all the available artisans, styles and materials used, you can be sure that there is something perfect for whatever you might need. Unique Handcrafted jewelry is especially fitting for those that are always searching for something different than the regular, different than whatever jewelry is in fashion.
  • Mass produced jewelry is made with one thing solely in mind—profit. The quality of the piece can be severely lacking with each piece having radically different quality levels. A piece of mass marketed jewelry is made with the easiest creation in mind, which is how the price point stays so low.
  • The skill level that an artisan must have to plan, design and actually create the piece is what you are supporting when you buy into their craft. And obviously, the mass marketed and hand-made pieces will have radically different longevity. While the mass produced ring might last through a month of wear with gems intact, even though it has turned your finger green, a custom made ring will last much longer and made of materials that are made to last.
  • Stores that carry artisan handcrafted jewelry also do themselves a great service by carrying this type of merchandise. Stores who carry unique handmade jewelry show that they are interested in selling their customers unique, personal pieces. It shows that the store and the owner understands the style and the needs of the customer so well, they can carry individual hand-made pieces from them.
  • Artisans who make jewelry show their creativity and personality through the pieces and lines of jewelry they create. So next time the option of mass market or custom hand-made jewelry is presented to you, invest in a piece of artisan handcrafted jewelry and support an artist. You won’t regret it.
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"He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist"

Saint Francis of Assisi

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