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There are many reasons to buy artisan handcrafted jewelry; with the increasing number of large and major label fashion stores being opened, fashion jewelry is becoming more and more accessible with the price point constantly being lowered.

On the opposite side, it seems that handmade jewelry is quickly gaining popularity with more and more people beginning to make and sell it.

So, the question is: with more and more affordable jewelry available, why pay the extra money for handcrafted jewelry?

Custom handmade jewelry can offer a few things to the consumer that mass produced jewelry never will be able to.

sterling silver earringsterling silver earring

Chandelier earrings in red coral and sterling silver.

Artisan handcrafted jewelry one of a kind craftsmanship.

When you buy handcrafted artisan jewelry, no matter what the piece, you can be guaranteed that it is one of a kind. Even if the artisan has made 2 or more of the same designs, one of the beautiful things about hand-crafted merchandise is that no two are the same.

Unique handcrafted pendant featuring inlays of chrysocolla gemstone and sterling silver 950. One of a kind craftsmanship artisan jewelry

stone pendantstone pendant

Artisan handcrafted jewelry often has a background to it, a meaning; something that inspired the designer to make it a certain way. When you buy a piece from custom jewelry designers, you are buying the piece and the story of the designer.

shell pendantshell pendant

Big artisan pendant with a rare purple spondylous in a beautiful sterling silver 950 design

Custom made pieces of jewelry also make great gifts because of their uniqueness. With all the available artisans, styles and materials used, you can be sure that there is something perfect for whatever you might need. Unique Handcrafted jewelry is especially fitting for those that are always searching for something different than the regular, different than whatever jewelry is in fashion.

Long dangling earrings featuring rose quartz gemstone and bamboo tube beads in a beautiful alpaca silver metal  cascade earring design

stone dangling earringsstone dangling earrings

Mass produced jewelry is made with one thing solely in mind—profit. The quality of the piece can be severely lacking with each piece having radically different quality levels. A piece of mass marketed jewelry is made with the easiest creation in mind, which is how the price point stays so low.

shell and metal pendantshell and metal pendant

Sterling silver pendant with mother pearl shell inlays.

The skill level that an artisan must have to plan, design and actually create the piece is what you are supporting when you buy into their craft. And obviously, the mass marketed and hand-made pieces will have radically different longevity. While the mass produced ring might last through a month of wear with gems intact, even though it has turned your finger green, a custom made ring will last much longer and made of materials that are made to last.

Stores that carry artisan handcrafted jewelry also do themselves a great service by carrying this type of merchandise. Stores who carry unique handmade jewelry show that they are interested in selling their customers unique, personal pieces. It shows that the store and the owner understands the style and the needs of the customer so well, they can carry individual hand-made pieces from them.

Artisans who make jewelry show their creativity and personality through the pieces and lines of jewelry they create. So next time the option of mass market or custom hand-made jewelry is presented to you, invest in a piece of artisan handcrafted jewelry and support an artist. You won’t regret it.

8 reasons why you should consider buying  artisan handcrafted jewelry today

1.     Better than costume jewelry

Some people, when they're shopping for any night around the town, they are going to go on the store and purchase costume jewelry. The problem using this type of is the items are already poorly made and they are generally more likely to break apart. If you go for handmade jewelry instead, so as to these items lasts you a while. You will probably still use a handmade bracelet in 10 years’ time that's how well they can be made.

2.     Unique -

The best thing about artisan handcrafted jewelry is that it's unique. Even if your pals ask you where it's from and in addition they buy a similar design, furthermore it will be exactly the identical as yours. This is really a plus because everyone wants for being unique using styling. If you buy a product or service from a jewelry store, that's more expensive because it really is gold or silver, you already know that the item may be mass-produced, so you may see another individual wearing precisely the same item. This is not the truth with handmade items.

3.   Always however you like

Artisan handcrafted jewelry pieces never walk out style. Beaded bracelets, necklaces or perhaps earrings look good regardless of what season it really is.

4.    Cherish -

When someone buys that you piece of handmade jewelry, to have a tendency to cherish it is really a bit more as you know that your lot of care and hard work proceeded to go into the manufacture with the piece. You will put it on with pride, realizing that people will start to see the item and they'll never be capable of get the identical one for their own reasons.

5. Guarantee

If you purchase a gold or silver piece, you obtain a guarantee, nevertheless it will become depleted eventually. If them does break therefore you take it back towards the store, then the video store might have to send it away for be fixed. With a handmade item, the artist will guarantee the items for as long when they can. If you break that, the artist is definitely willing to fix it to suit your needs. If it is the best fault that the product broke, they may very well be willing to produce you a replacement, for just a lower price.

6. More Items -

If you get a handmade necklace and also you love it, but wish you had more in the same style, a painter is more than able to take a bespoke order. You could contact the artist and also have come up with a bracelet, ring and even some earrings, to suit the original item that you simply bought.

Matching teams of handmade earrings, handmade bracelets and handcrafted necklaces may also increase your multiple piece sales so always seek to choose a good number of  artisan handcrafted jewelry pieces. When an individual is buying for their own reasons or as unique gifts for a beloved, they are likely to purchase in matching sets whenever they can be available. Offering matching jewelry sets also enhances the number of repeat customers finding its way back more often to determine what new designs and handmade unique jewelry items are offered.

7. Price

A handmade piece will probably be cheaper than a gold piece, however, if you don't agree with all the price, you may ask the artist to have a look at the price again to see if they'll lower it to suit your needs. They may be willing to if you're buying other products as well.

Mass-produced jewelry offers a price advantage, but often at the cost of quality. The parts on poorly-made necklaces and earrings often break easily. Charms or pendants produced from low-quality metals can simply tarnish after a while. Not all handmade jewelry is costly. Most designers work with an assortment of materials geared to all budgets. These can include glass, gemstones, Czech crystal, and porcelain beads. It's easy to discover handmade jewelry that may suit your budget.

8. Availability

Most jewelry designers who create jewelry themselves sell their pieces exclusively. Beaded jewelry makers typically generate a few of each design, and even one-of-a-kind items. Since they need not meet a higher quota instructed to sell to get, they can target creating better-quality pieces. Most can also be willing to custom-design pieces, suited to your customer's preferences and budget.

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"He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands, his head and his heart is an artist"

Saint Francis of Assisi